Please note that all of our fonts may be used for monograms as well as for names and text.  For more information on monograms and their traditional formats, please CLICK HERE

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ABC Standard Monogram Format

Standard Monogram Format

There are many ways to put your mark on things, and a monogram is a very traditional, elegant way to do it. The standard monogram format for an individual is as follows: first name initial, larger last name initial, middle name initial (as shown in the diagram at the left — imagine that the person’s name is Ann Clara Brooks)

By default, all of our monograms are done in the standard format as specified on the left. All of our fonts can be used for monograms.

Some people may prefer to do all of their initials in the same size, and if so, it is recommended that they do them in the (first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial) format (ex: ACB for Ann Clara Brooks). If you only want two initials, then you would just use (first name initial, last name initial) in that order (ex: AB for Ann Clara Brooks). If you would like these types of monograms, please specify so on your order in the “Other Specifications” note field. Otherwise, we will use the standard monogram format.

If you are doing monograms for a married couple, and want the monogram to represent both of them, then you would put the monogram in the following order: bride’s first name initial, larger shared last name initial, groom’s first name initial (ex: Ann married John Smith and their monogram would be ASJ, with the S appearing larger in the middle)

If you are unsure about the monogram format that you should use for your coolers, please do not hesitate to contact me.